Driven by a desire for creative freedom and ethical organic design, Sunny is a self taught functional artist and designer from America. She divided her time between her family’s bison farm in Iowa and summers in Yellowstone National Park’s remote backcountry. Her observations of the immaculate design of nature endured beyond the rural plains and western wilderness where she eventually received a degree in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University, combining her love of design with her love of nature.  She later discovered quartz crystals when her family became involved in the management of a quartz crystal mine near Hot Springs, Arkansas, home to some of the most renowned quartz crystals in the world. 

Her crystal light sculptures were conceived upon admiring the beauty of a decaying hollow tree in the woods, returning to the earth from which it grew. She brought one of these hollowed logs back to her studio one day after her daily walks and set it upon her work desk and noticed something very enchanting when the wood sat beside a pile of crystals and happened to be backlit by her desk lamp. The wood, still fresh from the forest yet very much dead, became alive suddenly when it was combined with the quartz crystals that sat next to it, as the crystals seem to possess an ephemeral “aliveness” that was eternal in nature. How poetic to marry the two together in light. The yin and the yang of nature illuminated in one alchemical union. Thus began the path towards realizing her new found path in creating her signature light sculptures and objects of art. 

Just as there are no two beings in nature which are precisely alike, so also are no two sculptures the same.  Each comes from a different sustainably sourced tree with its own story to tell. Hundreds of individual quartz crystal points are carefully selected for each artwork, resulting in a sculptural piece of crystal, wood and light that showcases the delicate Yin and Yang of nature. 

All the crystals used in her creations are sourced via artisanal miners from either Arkansas, USA or from Northern Pakistan in the Himalaya mountains. Transparency is ensured via blockchain tracing, following the journey of the crystal’s birth out of the Earth and into a work of handcrafted light sculpture. She is the first artist to use blockchain technology to prove the origins of where her crystals come from and hence is able to bring an awareness to this otherwise unknown aspect of crystal sourcing. The result is a highly energetic artwork that many can absolutely sense and feel.

She lives in Bali, Indonesia with her husband and 2 boys, where she has her studio. She works alongside several talented artisans to achieve her designs. Her works are then shipped worldwide and have found homes in several residences, resorts, spas and businesses around the world

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