Ethically Sourced Crystals

A commitment to ethically sourced crystals and the first artist to use blockchain technology to provide transparency about a crystal’s origin and the supply chain journey. 

A Story of how it came to be:

Sunny started her design journey in New York using crystals from Arkansas, USA, which is home to the largest uninterrupted band of the finest, clearest and most defined quartz crystals in the world that are estimated be around 280 million years old. When she moved across the world to Bali, Indonesia, she needed to find another source of crystals that was more regionally appropriate, instead of shipping crystals all the way from Arkansas to Bali, which would have required a huge amount of carbon and energy to sustain. As she searched for new suppliers who could match the quality and artisanal mining methods of the small family owned mine in Arkansas, she learned alot about where the bulk of the world’s quartz crystals come from and the not so magical story of how they reach the crystal shops of most Western countries. There is a huge environmental cost. Since it is very common for many different minerals to co-exist in the same areas together, many mines sell the gemstone by-products of their larger industrial copper and cobalt mining operations for extra profit. Whilst not indicative of all mines, the mines located in the D.R. are notorious for employing children as young as 7, using heavy equipment, explosives, cutting new roads which cause deforestation and then using a slough of toxic chemicals for cleaning, the remnants of which are washed into fresh water streams or the groundwater table, creating issues for crops and farmers downstream. It’s quite apparent that in truth, the healing crystals that people cherish so very much, isn’t a very healing story after all. In fact, quite the opposite. This inspired her to spend a lot of time performing due diligence on new potential suppliers. It led her eventually to the Himalaya Mountains of Northern Pakistan, home to the famous K2, the second highest mountain on Earth after Mount Everest. The story of these miners and the quality and energy of the crystals coming from this area is an impressive one. The crystals here are between 200-540 million years old and are sourced via artisanal miners who meticulously extract the crystals from extremely high altitude mountain pockets by hand using pick axes, ropes, mules and several week long expeditions into the these majestic and challenging mountains. Due to the extreme climate of this landscape, crystals can only be mined for 4 months out of the year, so there is only a limited amount of specimens available each year. It took Sunny many years to find a supplier who was able to share the story of exactly how the crystals are sourced and who was able to be onboarded with Provenance Proof,, the world’s first blockchain-based platform providing tracking and transparency of a gemstone’s journey from mine to end consumer. Provenance Proof empowers trust, sustainability and fairness throughout the entire gem and jewelry industry, giving consumers the ability to learn more about the story behind the gemstones they are buying. For Sunny, this was a groundbreaking opportunity to share the story of where her crystals are sourced and bring awareness to the value of choosing sustainably sourced crystals that benefit the miners, the consumers, the environment and ultimately the crystals themselves. 

Each artwork comes with a statement of provenance and unique asset transfer (akin to an NFT). Each crystal is recorded and included in each artwork’s story that can all be seen online when a person purchases one of her unique artworks.

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